DIGIX@OBJEKT is the first incubator for creative industry and media companies in Baltic countries. DIGIX@OBJEKT works in Tallinn and Narva with: DIGIX.eu, Tehnopol and OBJEKT.

At the moment DIGIX@OBJEKT is most profitable incubator, as with the support of the EAS the price for incubation is 29€, for incubation using the rooms – 49€ per month!

Incubator OBJEKT@DIGIX is the best place to grow your business if you passion is:

– creation for digital screens
– gaming
– e-learning solutions
– electronic publishing and media
– digital cultural heritage
– location based content services
– digital creative industry

We offer you a 12-month incubation program to help you

• build up your team
• define and execute a viable and scalable business model
• develop and prototype your product or service
• reach your first customers with an efficient go-to-market plan
• develop investor readiness and reach out to seed funders and angel investors

What we give you?

• team coaching by business mentors
• weekly seminars by start-uppers and content experts
• pitch trainings
• meetups with business community and experience sharing with the successful start-uppers
• match-making with crowd-funding platforms and angel investors
• inspirational co-working hubs in the centres of Tallinn and Narva

How to apply?

You can apply easily filling THIS FORM or contacting directly the representative of the DIGIX@OBJEKT in Narva, Anton Ossipovski anton@objekt.is


DIGIX@OBJEKT is a pool of great talents and mentors who will help you to grow your business!

Who are our mentors?
You can have a look and choose on the following webpages:


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